Every semester there will be given courses for both new users of LaTeX and for experienced users. The courses consist of a mixture of presentations and exercises.

All courses are free of charge.

There are no ECTS points associated to these courses.

All courses are in English.

All courses take place in building 308, room 109 (Kgs. Lyngby campus). Please bring laptop.

The courses are open for everyone, but note that the number of available seats is limited to at most 50 people. Check out the available events on our Facebook page: DTU LaTeX Support.

Course types

Introduction to LaTeX

This course presents the basics of LaTeX. At the end of the course you would be able to write a standard report that contains tables, figures, equations, cross-references and a bibliography. Course contents:

  • installing necessary software
  • preliminary packages
  • document structure
  • tables
  • figures
  • mathematics
  • lists
  • cross-references
  • bibliography. This course should be taken before any other course

Custom Templates in LaTeX

During this course you will learn how to set up a custom template for writing reports, theses or books. At the end of the course you will be able to build a report template that meet your professor’s requirements or a thesis template that complies with the layout rules of your department. The same techniques can be used for building a book template. Course contents:

  • setting up a template with documentclass Memoir
  • margins for even and odd pages
  • customize headers and footers
  • set up a chapter style for typesetting chapter pages
  • build a title page
  • subfigures (or figures side by side)
  • user defined floats
  • splitting a document in multiple files
  • bibliography management
  • teaser for TikZ and Beamer (which are taught in another course)
  • other tips and tricks. This course is meant for students that have passed the Introduction to LaTeX course

Presentations and High Quality Graphics in LaTeX

In this course you will learn how to create Beamer slide shows and high quality graphics i.e. diagrams and plots. The course is relevant for Ph.D. students, who often need to submit journal papers with graphics that meet certain standards but other students are welcome to take this course. Course contents:

  • introduction to TikZ
  • Inkscape (SVG editor)
  • high quality plots with pgfplots
  • embedding plots from numerical tools (like MATLAB or R) into LaTeX
  • slides in Beamer
  • DTU Beamer template

High Quality Publications in LaTeX

This course is mainly relevant for Ph.D. students and covers the stages for writing high-quality conference or journal papers.