Here at the LaTeX Support I strive to make sure your documents are as error-free as possible. Please reach out if you are struggling with an issue or if you are just curious for a chat about LaTeX 🙂

I’m always reachable on e-mail at latex-support@student.dtu.dk or the Facebook page and will do my best to provide help as fast as possible.
I also have an office in building 308, room 125D. If you feel like the help you need can’t be properly communicated by text we can schedule a time and meet up there.
If you get any error messages or your project is on Overleaf and you are able to provide a link, please send it with your question.
This will help me identify the problem and help you out even faster.

To get started with LaTeX go to the Getting Started page for a short guide to download the necessary tools to begin writing LaTeX.